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Rentacomputer Today A blog about the latest technology rentals


Why Austin is a great place for your Next Meeting

Over 30 Austin Computer Rental TechsSince 1835, Austin has been a strong,

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independent city with a rich history. The city has grown to be known as a major center for high tech in the United States and the University of Austin has graduated thousands of students that have provided a steady source of employees to the technology industry.

Many high-tech companies have strong footholds in Austin. Companies like Apple Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Google, Cisco Systems, eBay/PayPal and Samsung have helped develop the city into the technological hub it has become, giving it the nickname "the Silicon Hills".

With such a strong tech presence and many big name companies making offices in the city, Austin seems the perfect place to host at least one convention, conference or meeting. There are many convention centers in the city and a lot of profound people in the tech industry come to Atlanta to share ideas and further our technology. It is no surprise why Austin is one of the top computer rental cities in the country.

Over 30 Austin Based Rental Engineers Technicians and Installers within a 50 mile radius of downtown Austin ready to deliver, install and test computers, projectors, Plasma Flat Screens, Copiers, Printers and other IT equipment on-site. After the rental, they will be back to un-install and remove all equipment.

To get a fast rental quote visit: Austin Computer Rental Technlogy


Computer Rental Accessories

One benefit of renting a computer from Rentacomputer.com is the full line of computer rental accessories we have to offer. That can mean a number of different things. According to the dictionary, the word "accessory" means: an object or device not essential in itself but adding to the

beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else. How does that work with your computer rental?

A Tech Travel Agent from Rentacomputer.com can definitely help you add to the effectiveness or convenience of your computer rental. No matter what sort of "accessory" you need, your Tech Travel Agent knows it is important to you and will do what they can to help you get it when and where you need it.

What qualifies as a computer rental accessory? Several things, including: LCD or plasma monitors, external hard drive storage devices, lock down cables, wireless network devices, printers, copiers, LCD projectors, lavaliere microphones, and PA speaker systems. From video walls to a set of headphones or speakers, there are so many things you can use alongside your computer.

Rentacomputer.com offers a full line of computer rental accessories that are generall used in the professional video, audio, and multimedia industry. These include quality audio visual equipment such as professional camera and video gear, post production suits, lighting equipment, audio equipment, grip equipment, digital imaging equipment and more.

Having computer rental accessories can be very beneficial and will make you appear much more professional to your customers and clients.

Contact a Tech Travel Agent today by calling 1-800-736-8772 or emailing sales@rentacomputer.com.