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Rentacomputer Today A blog about the latest technology rentals


Do you have CPA (Computer Panic Attacks)?

Computer Rental Tech Travel AgentCall a Tech Travel Agent for Fast Relief

A Computer Panic Attack (CPA) occurs when you need computers you don't have.
A Computer Panic Attacks can happen at any moment.

-You need 10 computers for training in Chicago. You only have 5!
-You need a flat plasma displays for sales presentations in Washington DC, Las Vegas and Boston on the same day!
-20 computers on order are delayed by the manufacturer, and you have 20 telemarketers starting tomorrow.

Don't feel alone, CPA happens to everyone in-charge of ordering or using technology!

The solution to CPA is TTA!
TTA, aka Technology Travel Agent© will book nationwide and worldwide technology rentals the same way your travel agent books your airline and hotel reservations.

Tech Travel Agents employ an army of computer engineers, technicians, audio visual technicians, equipment installers and technology event coordinators. Any project, no matter the size or scope, can be handled efficiently and cost effectively with the least amount of effort on your part.

Technology Travel Agents© schedule technology rentals for Conventions, Trade Shows, Conferences and Computer Training! Rental periods for state-of-the-art technology are available for as little as a day, a week, a month, or even longer.

Tech Travel Agent© clientele include: event planners, corporate training program coordinators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, convention organizers, TV news networks, trade show service companies, conference planners, accounting and finance departments, emergency-disaster management agencies, universities and traveling executives.

Your Tech Travel Agent© is one point of contact for multiple computer and audio-visual projects! Coordinate many computer and audio visual installations in multiple cities simultaneously. It's easy to get a Computer Rental, Plasma Rental, Laptop Rental, Projector Rental, Copier Rental or even a File Server Rental!

Next time you have a computer panic attack because you have a temporary technology need,  contact your Tech Travel Agent© or call Toll Free at 800-Rent-R-PC, 800-736-8772 or e-mail TechTravelAgent@rentacomputer.com

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So Your Data Survived The Disaster, Now What?

Computer Rentals For Disaster RecoveryWe all pray that the worst never comes, but some times “the worst comes knocking” at your businesses door. You’ve been smart and kept your backups up to date and off site.

One fact remains, without your computer system you’re out of business!

As a business owner you need to formulate a plan that will help your business get back up and running fast. Losing one day of business revenue could be disastrous, losing more than that unthinkable. You business needs to have a plan in place so if disaster ever comes you know what to do.

1) Roll Call. This includes a roll call of everyone in your business. Business can not operate without personnel. Aside from the most important humanitarian aspect of knowing who might need assistance or might be missing, you need to know who can get back to work and assist your business as it starts its day to day operations again.

2) A partner can help immensely. Your office has been destroyed, power maybe out or limited. A trusted business partner like Rentacomputer.com can quickly assist you with a full line of computers and accessories. Businesses need more than just stand alone PC’s or Laptops . To operate effectively, they need connectivity to share information and Rentacomputer.com has peripherals  and accessories that every business needs like wire less routers and printers.

3) Business triage.  A business owner might find that important people are missing, or are unable to perform their job duties; a company like rentacomputer.com has engineers, technicians, and installers to get your business up and running fast.  It could be that your MIS people just need some extra help, again rentacomputer.com is ready to lend aid.

4) Logistics.  It’s great to have a local business partner, but what if your partner is hit by the same disaster? His office and warehouse might be destroyed as well, but a partner with a worldwide logistical network (like rentacomputer.com with service in a 1000 cities worldwide) will be able to access people and equipment away from the disaster site which means your quick return to normal operations is all the more guaranteed.

5) So when your data survives but your hardware has not, simply call 800-736-8772, order your replacement hardware and peripherals, load your data, and let Rentacomputer.com help your business get back to doing business fast!

Having a business disaster plan is a smart choice, and having the right business partner like rentacomputer.com to assist your business with replacement computer hardware the minute disaster strikes is even smarter!

Click here for your Disaster Recovery Computer Hardware Quote.

For more information see our article on Emergency Disaster Recovery Services.


Grip Equipment Rentals

If you're planning a video production event and you want it to run as smoothly as possible, it's important you have the right grip equipment.  Grip equipment can make the difference between the perfect shot and well, a far less-than-perfect shot.  The equipment also allows you to configure your set however you would like and add light, reflectors or sound blankets easily.

Having professional equipment on hand will, without a doubt, change the quality of your video shoot, but what if you can't afford to run out and buy everything?  That's where Rent a Computer can help.  We offer quality grip equipment rentals at competitive prices.   Below, you'll find a list of some of things we have to offer.

C-Stand Any good director knows they need a C-stand.  They are versatile and will hold anything from lights to sound blankets, microphones to flags, boom poles to signs, cameras to props, butterfly screens and just about anything else you need to be held in place.

Apple Box RentalsApple Box Apple Boxes serve a number of purposes, including standing, sitting, propping, and leveling.  They're great for elevating applications such as lighting and C-Stands, too.  Apple Boxes are engineered to exact dimensions and can be stacked to any desired height.

Chameleon Reflector Disc The word "chameleon" says it all.  These are great for many situations.  They serve as diffusion discs, flag or reflector, and are capable of changing colors to silver, white, or gold.  you can fold them down to fill in shadows, or in the event that you are outdoors, you can use them to reflect sunlight.

Backdrop Stand If you need a professional and efficient way to hold a backdrop, you'll definitely want to try a backdrop stand rental.  They can be used with any backdrop during photography, filming, or in the even you want to create a professional setting behind an interview.

Fog Generator Many directors use smoke and fog to prevent their scenes from becoming flat and to create a 3D effect.  Whether you need a room full of fog, or just a tiny bit of smoke for a scene, a fog generator could solve any number of problems.

Bounce card rentalsBounce Cards Bounce cards are simple white foam sheets that are usually used to reflect.  They can range in sizes from 10 inches to a number of feet and can be held by crew members on set or by any quality c-stand, which will help prevent your shoot falling victim to unsteady hands.

If you can use any of the items mentioned above, call us at 800-736-8772 or visit Rentacomputer.com to get a fast quote on grip equipment rentals.


Plasma Rentals are Great for Trade Show Booths

Plasma Screen on Floorstand
"Large 42-inch plasma's are a very, very popular thing to rent for trade show booths. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display. It's right in your face marketing for everyone passing by your trade show booth," says Jessica Keeton, a Tech Travel Agent for Rentacomputer.com

As a matter of fact, 42-inch and larger flat plane plasma display rentals are becoming quite popular. "Large 42-inch plasma's are a very, very popular thing to rent for trade show booths. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display. It's right in your face marketing for everyone passing by your trade show booth," says Darcy Mann,

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a Tech Travel Agent for Rentacomputer.com, a company that specializes in renting plasmas for any trade show or convention in the United States.

Get a fast quote for a Plasma Rental by clicking here: Plasma TV Rental Quote
Plus we have Plasmas from every major manufacturer! Sony Plasma Rentals, Hitachi Plasma Rentals, Ben Q Plasma Rentals, InFocus Plasma Rentals, LG Electronics Plasma Rentals, NEC Plasma Rentals, Toshiba Plasma Rentals, Panasonic Plasma Rentals, Philips Plasma Rentals, Samsung Plasma Rentals, Sony Plasma Rentals, ViewSonic Plasma Rentals