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Laptop Rentals: The Data Integrity Solution « Rentacomputer Today
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Laptop Rentals: The Data Integrity Solution

Anyone who has traveled with company owned technology has most likely experienced that uneasy feeling that one is sure to get when airport security scrutinizes their luggage or when carry on bags are left in overhead compartments away from where the owner is sitting because it wouldn’t quite fit in the one directly overhead. And if one is traveling with digital devices that are storing company information that is particularly sensitive, the thought is bound to occur to the traveler: I wonder how safe this company info is in the hands of security officials or that random stranger who moves my bag in the storage bin to make room for his or her own luggage?

The truth is, as long as sensitive company information is being stored on the computer that one is traveling with, that information is not in the strictest sense safe. After all, laptops can be misplaced, or worse, stolen; and whether intentional or not, sensitive information can end up being leaked due to such mishaps.

Therein lies the value of laptop or other portable device rentals from Rentacomputer.com. With a laptop rental, for example, one can not only reduce the risk of damage to company technology but can also set up that laptop rental to access company information remotely if the company’s IT model is sufficiently concentric, leaving that sensitive information secure behind your company’s firewalls. So, if or when a laptop is misplaced, damaged or stolen, such scenarios pose no threat to the integrity of your company’s information since it is not stored on the machine itself at all.

Moreover, a given laptop rental can be delivered right to your office or destination with your company software preloaded, so that the machine is absolutely ready to access company info and deal with it in a way that is appropriate to your company’s established IT paradigms. So in one fell swoop all of the potential dangers of having company employees travel with sensitive info can be eliminated, since in reality with a laptop rental the traveler does not travel with any technology at all. Even if your company’s IT model is not a concentric one and does not cater to remote access, the security benefits of renting a portable device still greatly outweigh the potential consequences of traveling with personal or company-owned devices. A single phone call to a Tech Travel Agent can render a solution for your company’s data integrity.

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