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Romania Noted As Having Europe’s Best Broadband « Rentacomputer Today
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Romania Noted As Having Europe’s Best Broadband

Broadband InternetLooking for the fastest internet speeds? Why not try over in Europe where a lot of interesting things have been happening with their internet speeds? According to recent reports, The Netherlands was able to achieve the highest percentage of connections in the world for 5-10Mbps speed range. In addition to that, mobile connection speeds in Germany more than doubled. But that is just the beginning. Over on the west coast of Europe, Romania (more specifically Constanta) had an incredible 39.2 Mbps average connection speed.

What was the method used in supporting a claim like this? Well, according to Akamai, they gathered the data from other information gathered from the stuff that passes over their global server network. Akamai stated that this can be a valid base of observations on "key internet statistics" like broadband adoption, mobile connectivity, "attack traffic" and other things.

Because of that, it says that in the third quarter of 2010 over 533 million unique IP addresses from more than 235 countries connected to its network. This was a 20% increase year over year. 12% more British connected, 15% more from Spain, 5.9% from Germany and 9.9% from France.

Romania now has a 7.0Mbps connection speed on average leading The Netherlands (6.3Mbps), Latvia (6.0Mbps), the Czech Republic (5.4Mbps), Switzerland (5.3Mbps) and Denmark (5.0Mbps). Romania was only one of four countries in the world to reach average peak connection speeds of 30Mbps or more along with South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

Monaco and Latvia increased by 65% and 64% respectively to both go to 23Mbps. Belgium and Portugal increased by 40% and Sweden achieved the slowest year-on-year increase at just under 4%. Broadband rates over 5Mbps showed consistent growth with Romania leading once again as 50% of connections are at speeds greater than 5Mbps.

So if you are planning on making a trip to Europe and are looking for the place with the best internet speeds then you would be well versed to head on over to the west coast and check out Romania because they aren't any faster in any other part of the continent.

Source: Computer Business Review

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