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Rentacomputer Today A blog about the latest technology rentals


2011 IHRIM Conference and Technology Exposition

2011 IHRIM Conference and Technology ExpositionThe return of the IHRIM 2011 Conference and Technology Exposition is set! Announced by the International Association for Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM), which is the world's leading clearinghouse for the Human Resource Information Management (HRIM), the event will take place from May 15th, 2011 to May 18th, 2011 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center on the Potomac, only a few minutes outside of Washington D.C.

IHRIM's annual event has brought international thought leaders in the HRIM community together with business leaders of over 30 years in order to exchange innovative ideas and share practices as well as build and strengthen relationships. The 2011 convention will provide attendees with over 50 educational sessions that are designed to increase knowledge of best practices and trends on a variety of topics like workforce metrics and analytics, social media and Web 2.0, talent management, Software as a Service (SaaS), workforce planning and recruiting, data privacy, and HR systems selection and implementation.

According to CEO of IHRIM Lynn Mealy, "In these times of economic hardship, this year's Conference and Technology Exposition is more important than ever. The IHRIM 2011 Conference and Technology Exposition is a must-attend event - especially as companies proceed in 2011 with cautious optimism and start to look at how HR systems can support their overall business strategy. This is why the conference is making it essential to provide the information and tools companies need to maintain workplace quality, increase productivity and avoid wasteful spending."

Speakers at the 2011 conference will include representatives from leading corporations such as Dell, Oracle, the Chicago Cubs, Johnson Controls, Sony Music Entertainment, the Mayo Clinic and Alegent Health with topics ranging from workforce analytics, SaaS, social media and user security to system administration, HRIS staffing analysis and much more.

"Developed by a select group of HR systems professionals, the conference educational program is guaranteed to provide an exceptional learning experience for attendees," said Chairman of the Board for IHRIM Nov Omana. "Whether you want to focus on the nuts and bolts of HR systems, explore hot topics in the industry or learn about the cutting edge technology in your market, you'll find everything you need to solve your immediate challenges and grow professionally."

A ton of new HR technology products and services will be unveiled over thousands of square feet of exhibit space at the IHRIM Conference and Technology Exposition. The IHRIM Conference Content Review Committee has also ensured a balance of sessions for the annual event.

Source: benzinga - IHRIM 2011 Conference and Technology Exposition Expands Role as Premier Forum for HR Systems and HR Information Management

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2011 L.A. Computer Fair

LA Computer FairAre you a computer enthusiast who will be in the Los Angeles area on February 19th or 20th? If so, you will definitely want to check out the 2011 L.A. Computer Fair, one of the largest computer conventions in California. The L.A. Computer Fair has a lot of cool and exciting things for the computer lover in all of us and could be one of the best places to get some of those hard to acquire components.

The L.A. Computer Fair is also a fantastic place to buy a lot of different computer and electronic related equipment. At the L.A. Computer Fair you can get anything like laptops, desktops, servers, gaming computers, printers, monitors, wireless routers, RAM, video cards, motherboards, ink, special printer paper, GPS products, software, big screen TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cameras, games, monitors, components, hardware, cables and more!

The L.A. Computer Fair has been touted as 100 computer stores all in one place having price wars with each other in order to steal your business. The L.A. Computer Fair is also a great place to sell your computer or high tech devices. The fair is a great place if you are looking to make some easy money off of your old cases, hard drives, RAM, video cards, motherboards, drives, monitors, peripherals, CPUs, games or anything else you may no longer need.

Got a technical question? Then you can ask any one of the many industry experts at the L.A. Computer Fair. You can also win one of a number of door prizes drawn every 30 minutes. Seminars are also available for you to experience and usually at no extra charge. The L.A. Computer Fair is also a great place to network and make business connections. With all the industry professionals at the show there is no shortage of opportunity.

If you are planning on attending the L.A. Computer Fair, then you had better hurry as the show will be taking place from February 19th, 2011 to February 20th, 2011 from 10:00 am to 5;00 pm on both days at the Fairplex in Pomona.

Source: L.A. Computer Fair

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CES 2012 iLounge Pavilion Already Sold Out

CES iLounge PavilionI know CES 2011 just ended, but that is what makes this news even more spectacular. The iLounge Pavilion for CES 2012, which is sponsored by iLounge.com, has already sold out a mere month after CES 2011. The 2012 International CES iLounge Pavilion sold out less than two hours into CES 2011. The Pavilion itself features 50,000 square feet of exhibit space and will showcase a record-setting array of accessories as well as software for Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac platforms.

According to Karen Chupka, Senior Vice President of Events and Conferences for CEA, "The iLounge Pavilion is experiencing unparalleled success and has undoubtedly established itself as the center of the "i" Universe. Exhibitors made their intentions loud and clear in purchasing more iLounge space in two hours of space selection than ever before. It's evident that there is strong industry demand for a showcase of these popular products at the international CES, and space for the iLounge Pavilion will increase as a result."

The 2011 iLounge Pavilion featured over 200 exhibitors over 50,000 square feet and saw the launch of thousands of new products like Griffin's CarTrip and Crayola Stylus application-aided accessories, Morphie's iPad charging and mounting accessory PowerStand and the app-controlled Sphero robotic ball from Orbotix. The iLounge Pavilion had everything from fashion cases, speakers and earphones to games and apps. It was these things that helped establish the iLounge Pavilion as one of the world's leading destinations for new i-related products.

In a statement from CEO of KIOKY Michael Shumski, "Our CES experience was amazing. We couldn't have dreamt of a better place to release our new product, and I do not mean just CES, I mean the iLounge Pavilion. We were swarmed with American distributors but took the company global the day we launched! Look for us there next year because we made sure to reserve our space again."

At CES 2012 new products for the Apple iPad will join products for the iPhone, iPod and other Mac products in the Pavilion which provides retailers, vendors and over 5,000 visitors unrivaled opportunity to preview everything the coming year has to offer in the way of exciting new i-related technologies in a single, centralized location.

"CES is the Super Bowl of electronics trade shows, and nothing else really matters," said Mike Szymczak, co-founder of OrigAudio. "We are happy to be presenting our latest and greatest products on a stage such as CES in the iLounge Pavilion." The 2012 iLounge Pavilion should be one thing anybody going to CES 2012 should try to get into but that doesn't seem too likely now. CES 2012 will take place January 10th through January 13th,

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2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: CES - 2012 CES iLounge Pavilion Sells Out in Record Time: Additional Space Added to Meet Demand

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Internet Killswitch A Good Idea or Bad?

Obama Internet KillswitchWondering how an internet killswitch would work? Why not try it out on an entire country then? That is exactly what happened in Egypt last week as the government pulled the plug on the entire country's internet connection, and it is also something that has been proposed to give President Obama the right to do so for a few years now.

Such a proposal would literally give the president the power to kill the internet in America. It has been noted that the emergency procedures would be overseen by the Department of Homeland Security, the same organization that supports the enhanced TSA pat-down system.

However, timing of new proposed legislature could not have been worse as less than 24 hours after Senate Democrats sent out a press release outlining their plans for the future legislation to "safeguard" the internet Egypt went offline. And we see how well that is going.

By the afternoon of that day, nearly every single provider in Egypt ceased to publish information about electronic routes to their networks, making them unreachable worldwide. The Noor Group, apparently the only unaffected network, followed in line and dropped out as well yesterday. Clients for Noor consisted of ExxonMobile, Toyota, Hyatt, Coca-Cola, the American University in Cairo and the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

This has caused more difficulties for the U.S. legislation as the revolt of nearly 60 million people was followed so closely on Twitter and Facebook. The legislation is coming under so much scrutiny that some are even calling it a "killswitch for capitalism".

According to Berin Szoka of the TechFreedom think tank in Washington D.C. , "It's difficult for the U.S. to criticize an autocrat like Hosni Mubarak for shutting down the internet if we give our own president similarly sweeping powers. Even if that never, ever happens here, our having such laws on the books certainly makes it more likely other governments will gain, and abuse, such powers."

A draft of a Senate proposal from 2009 authorized the White House to "declare a cybersecurity emergency", and another from Senator Jay Rockefeller (D - W.V.) and Senator Olympia Snowe (R - Maine) explicitly gave the government the power to "order the disconnection" of certain networks or websites. House Democrats are taking similar approaches.

A Senate committee in December approved a bill that was introduced last summer and is scheduled to be re-introduced sometime soon by Senators Joseph Lieberman (I - Conn) and Susan Collins (R - Maine) which would give President Obama power over privately-owned computer systems during a "national cyber emergency". The latest public version included some controversial new language stating that the federal government's designation of vital Internet or other computer systems "shall not be subject to judicial review".

The "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act" works like this: Homeland Security will "establish and maintain a list of systems or assets that constitute covered critical infrastructure". This is what will be subject to emergency decrees. President Obama would then have the power to issue a state of national cyber emergency.

Liberman and Collins issued a statement that argued that their bill would not give the White House a "killswitch". Instead it would provide a "precise, targeted and focused way for the president to defend our most sensitive infrastructure." The forthcoming legislation from the Democrats is still hazy on which direction it will go or whether it will be thrown into a single package or voted upon separately. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated last week that, along with chairmen of seven committees, he pledged to act swiftly due to the fact that a cybersecurity emergency could have a devastating impact on the economy.

Source: CNET ; Photo Courtesy of Freaking News

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