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ISACA World Congress: INSIGHTS 2011

ISACA World Congress INSIGHTS 2011Business leaders throughout the world must have a better way to understand how future directions in technology can make their company or business more competitive and more available to their customers without giving up security or privacy. That is why ISACA, a global association of 95,000 businesses and IT professionals, will host the World Congress: INSIGHTS 2011 conference from June 27th through June 29th at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center near Washington DC.

Top executives at

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this event will discuss emerging technologies in the contexts of business values and compliance. Senior-level government officials and executives from Fortune 500 companies will share their expertise in an engaging format of in-depth interviews, interactive sessions and roundtable discussions.

According to Robert E. Stroud, CGEIT, Chair of ISACA's World Congress Development Task Force and Vice President and Evangelist for IT Service Management, Cloud Computing and Government at CA Technologies, "Business leaders now recognize that technology is core to driving enterprise value, but they don't always know how to integrate IT with business or manage emerging trends such as cyber security and cloud initiatives."

Stroud went on to say, "ISACA designed this first-ever World Congress event to address an unmet need that we hear repeatedly - the need for strategic advice on how to integrate business with IT and address complex new issues, with a goal of driving better business performance."

VP-level speakers at World Congress: INSIGHTS 2011 come from a range of companies including Bank of America, Capital One, IBM, Microsoft, United Airlines and Verizon Communications. Experts from the public sector include The Honorable Theresa Grafenstine, Inspector General of the US House of Representatives, former Federal Trade Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour and former US Secretary of Commerce The Honorable Barbara Hackman Franklin.

World Congress: INSIGHTS 2011 will also bring C-level panelists from the audit, IT and security sectors together in order to discuss leadership challenges from the perspective of compliance, privacy and security. Panelists include: Steve Goepfert, Vice President of Internal Audit, United Airlines; Robert Kueppers, Deputy CEO Regulatory and Public Policy and Vice Chairman, Deloitte LLP; Marcus Sachs, Vice President of National Security Policy, Verizon Communications; Bhavesh Bhagat, CEO, EnCrisp; Robin Hutchinson, Global Markets Leader, Ernst & Young; Tim Rains, Director of Product Management Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft; and Greg Bell, Partner and Global Service Leader, KPMG, LLP.

If you want or need any additional information, please visit the ISACA World Congress website.

Source: PYMNTS - New ISACA World Congress Helps Drive Business Value With Technology

File Server rentals are ideal if your company needs an extra storage unit for company information while you are testing various types of storage solutions.

Whether you need a short-term rental or a long-term lease, we have the right kind of server for your needs.


Apple iPad Rentals for Students

iPadTablets are all the rage in the tech world right now, specifically with the iPad 2, Apple's juggernaut in the tablet market. The reason tablets are becoming so popular is due to their flexibility. They can function as a giant iPad or media player and can also act as a smaller, more portable laptop. And with new accessories being developed, like portable keyboard attachments, the versatility of a tablet continues to grow.

While there are many great reasons to buy an iPad, there is one thing that holds a lot of people back and that is the price. A lot of people would love to have the convenience of an iPad but cannot afford to buy one. Thankfully, there is an alternative, a way for someone to get all the functionality and enjoyment of an iPad without blowing all that money on buying one. I'm talking about renting one.

Renting an iPad is perfect, especially for students. A lot of students are taking iPads to class nowadays in order to follow along with a professor's PowerPoint notes or to even take notes themselves. All the features offered by an iPad make it the perfect device for a college student.

An iPad allows you to have all the necessary school things you need in one convenient place and even gives you entertainment to enjoy between classes. It also gives you less things to lug around to class and less things to lose or misplace, making class a little less stressful.

You can rent an iPad for your entire college year if you want, or you can narrow it down to just a semester or quarter. Rentacomputer.com offers iPad rentals as well as new iPad 2 rentals and they also have special rates and discounts specifically designed for students.

So, if you think an iPad will make your college semester go by more smoothly, don't hesitate to head on over to Rentacomputer.com and check out their specific section on iPad rentals. And if you prefer something a little more advanced, you should also check out their student laptop rentals as well; you won't be disappointed.

A Copier Rental is a quick way to mass produce important documents for potential customers at an event or conference. Renting office equipment is simple and easy and it can also save you loads of time and money. Rentacomputer.com has been offering copier rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.

Hackers Able to “Rent” Your Personal PC

computer hackersA lot of people have heard of computer rentals. If you are going on the road or heading to a trade show or convention and you need a computer, you can simply rent one. Whether it be a laptop, notebook or a full-fledged desktop system, renting a computer is easy. But, would you ever consider renting out your own computer to a complete stranger like computer rental companies do? Your answer is most likely no, however, hackers are making that nightmare a reality for some.

If a hacker needs a remote PC to fulfill his hacking needs, then all he has to do is turn to underground, invitation-only services that rent out computers owned by normal people like you and me who are completely oblivious to the fact that their simple home computer is being rented out for services that they probably don't want performed on it.

In a recent story from Krebs on Security, it was reported that the PC renters can pick and choose their "rentals" through extremely sophisticated systems. The author of the post tried one of these services and found an astonishing 4,100 computers available in 75 countries and a majority of the computers were located in the United States.

The author noted that he could look for a computer by searching for things like city, IP range, ISP and connection speed. The price was also very alarming. The price for this particular site was only $1 a day after paying an initial $150 fee.

If you happen to find out that your computer is being rented out to cyber-criminals, what do you do? Well, some of the victims in the Krebs on Security post enlisted the help of professional IT service providers. That seems to be your best bet if you are lucky enough to find out that your computer is at risk. Other than that, you just have to hope you are not a victim and pray that if you are, you find out before any serious damage is done.

Source: The Consumerist - Cyber Criminals Rent Out Unsuspecting Owners' PCs

Projector Rentals
Are Great for Business Meetings

Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a small presentation group, a 2000 lumen LCD projector will be

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able to produce a nice and clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector.


27 Million Computer Servers Processed 9.57 Zettabytes of Information in 2008

computer serversHave you ever wanted to know how much information is processed a year by all the computer servers in the world combined? Yeah, me neither, but apparently a few people did. That is why three scientists from UC San Diego have literally estimated the annual amount of business related information processed by the world's computer servers.

According to the scientists, the amount of processed information is equivalent to a 5.6-billion-mile-high stack of books that stretched from the Earth to Neptune and back, repeated about 20 times of course.

That's right, the roughly 27 million computer servers in the world processed 9.57 zettabytes of information in 2008 according to a paper presented at Storage Networking World's (SNWs) annual meeting in California. This estimate, which is the first of its kind, was generated with server-processing performance standards, server industry reports, interviews with information technology experts, sales figures from server manufacturers and a few other sources.

If you were like me and wondering what in the world a zettabyte is, then here is your answer. A zettabyte is 10 to the 21st power, or a million million gigabytes. The study estimated that server workloads are doubling about every two years , which means that by the year 2024  the world's enterprise servers will annually process the digital equivalent of a stack of books extending more than 4.37 light-years to Alpha Centauri, which is our closest neighboring star system in the Milky Way Galaxy.

That is a lot of information, and these scientists definitely had a lot of spare time on their hands in order to calculate something as monumental as this. Kudos to them because there is no way I would have the patience to calculate something like that.

Source: MBPE Capital - The worlds roughly 27 million computer servers processed 9.57 zettabytes of information in 2008

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