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Frequently Asked Questions from Rentacomputer.com Customers « Rentacomputer Today
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Rentacomputer Today A blog about the latest technology rentals


Frequently Asked Questions from Rentacomputer.com Customers

FAQA lot of people who seek out Rentacomputer.com for temporary technology have never rented a computer or server before and, like anyone's first time doing anything, these customers usually have a lot of questions on how the rental agreement works, what they can rent, where they can have it delivered and what comes with a rental from Rentacomputer.com.

To help customers better understand the policies and offers that Rentacomputer.com offers here is a handy dandy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to help new customers fully understand everything they can get with their technology or computer rental from Rentacomputer.com.

Q. Where can Rentacomputer.com deliver equipment?

A. We deliver to you anywhere in the United States, most of Canada and parts of Europe.

Q. Does Rentacomputer.com rent to individuals?

A. We are a business to business rental company only. Exceptions can be made for Professionals working out of home or with other extenuating circumstances.

Q. What is my first step in reserving equipment?

A. Contact us by email with our fast and easy quote request forms, click on any tab on our website and the product listed on that page and we will send you a quotation right away. You can get an Express Quote or a Customized Quote.

Q. Is there a minimum order I must make?

A. No, there are no minimum order requirements.

Q. What other services are available with my order besides the equipment?

A. Shipping or delivery / physical setup / breakdown of equipment.

Q. Can you pre-load software on rental systems in advance of delivery?

A. Yes, simply send us the master CD and we will do the rest.

Q. What shipping companies do you use?

A. We ship all of our freight prepaid and insured via FedEx, Airborne or UPS.

Q. How late can you ship an order?

A. Our national account shipping agreements permit us to take orders up to 3:00pm EST and you still get your equipment by 10:00am the next day.

Q. What products do you rent?

A. We rent all major brands. Specific brand availability is subject to dates and locations. 

Q. How does Rentacomputer.com accept payment?

A. American Express, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted. Payment Terms are available upon completion and approval of our Business Application.

Q. What is an FRP?

A. FRP stands for Frequent Rental Point. Points accumulate on every computer rental, notebook rental, projector rental or other technology rental. See your rental quote for the total number of points awarded for each rental.

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