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Complete Encryption For Google Apps Users

481429325On Thursday Google announced that they will be bringing full encryption to Google Apps with help from a new partnership with the email data protection company Zix. They just launched a new product for Google Apps accounts called Google Apps Message Encryption, or GAME for short.Google already supported secure messaging within their own servers, but once your email was sent to a different system, you were at the other system's mercy. This is why GAME is so important. You could different methods to add public-key cryptography to your messages, but it isn't practical and isn't good or organizations with a lot of users.
GAME is available at the price of $35 per year, per user. This allows Google Apps admins to configure their own security settings from the Google Apps dashboard. Not only is this an easy way for casual users to gain some comfort knowing that the NSA can't have their way with your email account, but for businesses, encrypted communication is an absolute must have.
GAME is available today because of the work that Zix and Google did on their first version of this product called Google Message Encryption, or GME. GME was a part of Postini, a whole toolbox made for email and web security. It was never really compatible with Google Apps, unless you went through a whole bunch of extra nonsense. But that built the foundation for what Google and Zix are bringing to the table now, and after 2 years of working toward making the transition of the Postini services to Google Apps, we now have GAME.This is absolutely perfect for anyone in the business world who need complete, fully encrypted messages.

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Using Tablets To Boost the Quality Of Your Business

No matter what needs your business may have, the performance and portability of a tablet can help you out in some way. Tablets have changed the way we do many things, and they can open up doors and create opportunities for your business.

Have you ever thought about using tablets to collect customer data that will help your business? You can use tablets to let your customers take surveys or give feedback on their experience with you.

Here are some techniques and benefits:

Reach Every Customer... Ever.

Using a tablet is the easiest way to reach out to your customers to get feedback. Computers are not practical. They are too big and bulky and not even an option. Tablets are small and portable, so they eliminate inconvenience when approaching a customer. If you run a department store or a restaurant, you can have your staff out on the floor talking to customers and getting feedback from them. Not only is their feedback very valuable, but you would be surprised at how positively your customers will respond just knowing that you care enough to do that. Not only is that good for business in general, but chances are they will be willing to give you the data that you are looking for in order to improve your business. By equipping your staff with tablets, you will be able to reach an incredible amount of people and gather more data than you thought was possible.

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Make Life Easier

New tablets are pretty powerful. They can handle many aspects of your business, and they can definitely handle any customer. It literally makes delivering surveys and questionnaires easier than ever before. You couldn't use smartphones because that would be annoying, and like I said before, computers aren't even an option for this part of your business. Another way that you're probably failing at right now is by using paper to collect data. Not only is it the 21st century, but paper just sucks. It can get wet, lost, ripped, or maybe some people don't write so well and you can't read it. Simply handing someone a tablet takes care of every issue that I just pointed out.

Get It Done Faster

Tablets are super fast and easy to use for everyone. Let's say that you have a customer waiting in line to check out or waiting on their bill. How easy would it be to just slip them a tablet so that they could provide their feedback while they wait? They won't even be annoyed by having to write something or by listening to you tell them to call the number on the back of their receipt. They will probably be pleased to have something to pass the time while they wait, and when they are done and hit "submit", you already have all the information that you need to improve their experience the next time the visit. Using tablets in your business can help you raise your level of customer satisfaction immediately.