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The Four Platforms of CeBIT 2011

CeBITIf you are planning on going to CeBIT this year, there are two things you need to know: 1.) You had better hurry because it has already started, and 2.) You need to know the four platforms of the show. I mean, what is the point in going to something as big as CeBIT if you are not going to know all the details about it? That is like going to Starbucks and not knowing the lingo, and you do not ever, under any circumstances, go to Starbucks and not know the lingo, the hipster kids don't like that.

But anywho, enough with the hipster kids and more about CeBIT 2011. Like I said, the show is taking place as we speak. It started today in Hanover, Germany and is set to conclude on Friday, March 5th, 2011. Now if you are planning on going or are already there then it is imperative that you understand the four platforms of CeBIT 2011. The four platforms are pretty basic and come to you as CeBIT pro, CeBIT lab, CeBIT life and CeBIT gov. But what exactly does all of that mean? Well, just keep reading to find out all the details on each platform.

CeBIT pro - This platform of the show is targeted at top-level decision makers from industry, commerce and skill trades and is also aimed at procurement specialists as well as self-employed professionals. CeBIT pro specializes in showcasing innovative solutions for all sectors of business.

CeBIT lab - This platform of CeBIT is the direct interface between ideas and commercial application. CeBIT lab is where visions are taken from the mind and created into working prototypes. The most important ICT research platform in the world, CeBIT lab attracts senior policymakers as well as large numbers of highly qualified attendees.

CeBIT life - CeBIT life is where you can see the impact of innovative ICT solutions and technologies on our private and work life. This platform changes the way the consumer gets in touch with ICT and the convergence of technology and markets.

CeBIT gov - The final platform is CeBIT gov. This platform will embrace the established highlights Public Sector Parc and TeleHealth. Public Sector Parc showcases the vital role played by IT systems in modernizing government and public administration. TeleHealth, on the other hand, focuses on new technologies for doctors' surgeries, hospitals and pharmacies.

So there you have it, the four platforms of CeBIT 2011 and what they mean for you and the show. Be well versed in these if you plan on attending or are already there as they will definitely help you know what is going on. CeBIT 2011 is taking place now in Hanover, Germany and will conclude on Friday, March 5th, 2011.

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