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Computer Rentals « Rentacomputer Today
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Rentacomputer Today A blog about the latest technology rentals


Everything You Need to Know About Computer Rental Prices

The most frequently asked question in the world of computer rentals is undoubtedly "How much does it cost to rent a computer?" Well, the answer isn't as simple as many people may think because the cost of your rental depends on four distinct variables: time, space, spec and availability. Computer rental prices vary depending on the length of your rental period, where you need the rental, the specification of the rental and the availability of the rental.

With Rentacomputer.com, your computer rental rates vary depending on how long you want the rental, whether it be monthly, weekly or daily. Typically, a Pentium 4 desktop computer will start at approximately $99 per week in most markets for a weekly rental. However, based upon the computer specification, availability, and location, prices can be 20% to 40% higher or lower.

Delivery locations could have an impact on cost as well. Getting a delivery to a convention center is naturally going to be more expensive than delivering to a business address. Why is this, you may ask? Well, business addresses normally have specific parking areas for delivery trucks as well as easy access to the delivery or installation room. Convention centers, on the other hand, require a lot of hard work and effort from the rental company and the company receiving the equipment. Making a delivery to a convention center usually takes a lot longer for the delivery person than it would at a business.

We all know that when we go into a store to buy a computer, not all the prices are the same, they vary depending on a lot of factors. The same goes for computer rentals. Most computer rentals consist of an Intel Pentium 4 computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Apple Mac OSX. Standard RAM is generally 2GB with a 6GB or larger hard drive. Higher specifications than that, like a higher graphics card, cost more to rent.

One issue that comes into effect when it comes to computer rentals is the issue of supply and demand. The number of competitors in a given market area as well as total computer rental units can have a huge effect on the supply of a computer rental. The best way to get a computer rental is to have a Tech Travel Agent book your technology rental needs. That way you will have a guarantee that you will always get the equipment you need. By using a Tech Travel Agent, you don't have to rely solely on a single vendor because Tech Travel Agents can get equipment from any retailer in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

If your company generally employs temporary employees, then a computer rental is perfect. Why buy a computer for somebody who isn't going to be working for you long term? A computer rental is also perfect if your company tends to go to different trade shows or conferences. Companies that do this realize that lower costs and no maintenance are a great way to save some money.

Overall, a computer rental is a great way to get high-quality computers without having to make a permanent purchase. If you have any questions on computer rental pricing then visit Rentacomputer.com today.


The Power of a Desktop, The Portability of a Laptop: The All-in-One PC

All-in-One desktopThere are a lot of benefits to using an All-in-One PC. All-in-One PCs don’t require any additional equipment due to the fact that everything you need is bundled into one single device. Thanks to new trends in technology, screens have become smaller and thinner. CRT monitors are no longer in use, allowing computer companies to take components that go into a traditional tower and put them into an All-in-One device.

In these setups everything that you find in a traditional computer, including the motherboard, RAM, graphics card, processor, speakers and anything else, is housed behind an LCD panel. This gives you a sleek and stylish design as well as less clutter at your desk or wherever you will be using your computer.

Like All-in-One computers, laptops also do not require separate equipment. Laptops are essentially All-in-One PCs, though they offer less power and performance but more portability. If you don’t want to hassle with extra equipment but you’re also looking for a lightweight, compact and portable computer then a laptop may be a better choice than an All-in-One.

But if you need the perfect balance of portability and power, nothing beats an All-in-One PC. For times when you need an All-in-One PC but can’t justify the purchase of one (or can’t afford to purchase one) then renting an All-in-One PC from Rentacomputer.com is the next best thing.

Rentacomputer.com has been in the computer and technology rental industry for over 25 years and specializes in getting you the exact technology you need, when and where you need it and at an affordable price. All-in-One PC rentals allow you to have access to all the latest All-in-One PC technologies without having to fork out big bucks to do so.

If you are traveling to a convention center, conference, trade show or business meeting and you think that having

an All-in-One PC would be the perfect accent to whatever

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it is you are doing, then consider going with an All-in-One PC rental from Rentacomputer.com.


Rentacomputer.com Pays You Back on Every Rental with Frequent Reward Points

Frequent Reward PointsEverybody loves free stuff, no matter how much money they do or do not have. Everything is better when it is free, including technology rentals. Rentacomputer.com knows this, which is why it instituted Frequent Reward Points, or as we like to call them around the office, FRPs. Whenever you book a technology rental with your Tech Travel Agent, you will be given FRPs, meaning the more you rent, the more points you get.

Frequent Reward Points work the same way frequent flyer miles work. The more you fly, the more free miles you rake in, or in this case the more you rent, the more rental points you get. Those points translate into dollars towards future rentals from Rentacomputer.com, meaning you can cash in and save big!

The best part about the FRPs is that they are extremely easy to get. All you have to do is go to Rentacomputer.com and create a free account and you will automatically receive 10 free FRPs just for signing up! What's more is that Rentacomputer.com starts paying you in FRPs immediately, even on your very first rental ever!

Your Frequent Rewards Points accumulate on every single computer rental, netebook rental, laptop rental, plasma rental, copier rental, projector rental or any other technology rental you get from Rentacomputer.com. Each point you receive is worth a total of $1 USD, which can be used towards discounts on future rentals.

There are some rules on Rentacomputer.com's FRPs, and those rules are:

  1. FRPs are only earned on the cost of rentals.
  2. FRPs are not earned on delivery, labor or taxes.
  3. FRPs may not be redeemed for cash.
  4. FRPs can be applied towards rentals and service only.
  5. Customer is responsible for applicable taxes, if any.
  6. FRPs do not expire.
  7. FRPs may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.
  8. FRPs are earned on the first survey filled out and cannot be earned again.
  9. FRPs are not transferable.

Earning FRPs with every rental from Rentacomputer.com is one of the best things about a computer or technology rental. If you are curious about further information on FRPs or any of the other services that Rentacomputer.com offers, simply call a Tech Travel Agent toll free at 1-800-736-8772, email rentals@Rentacomputer.com or visit Rentacomputer.com online!

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Frequently Asked Questions from Rentacomputer.com Customers

FAQA lot of people who seek out Rentacomputer.com for temporary technology have never rented a computer or server before and, like anyone's first time doing anything, these customers usually have a lot of questions on how the rental agreement works, what they can rent, where they can have it delivered and what comes with a rental from Rentacomputer.com.

To help customers better understand the policies and offers that Rentacomputer.com offers here is a handy dandy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to help new customers fully understand everything they can get with their technology or computer rental from Rentacomputer.com.

Q. Where can Rentacomputer.com deliver equipment?

A. We deliver to you anywhere in the United States, most of Canada and parts of Europe.

Q. Does Rentacomputer.com rent to individuals?

A. We are a business to business rental company only. Exceptions can be made for Professionals working out of home or with other extenuating circumstances.

Q. What is my first step in reserving equipment?

A. Contact us by email with our fast and easy quote request forms, click on any tab on our website and the product listed on that page and we will send you a quotation right away. You can get an Express Quote or a Customized Quote.

Q. Is there a minimum order I must make?

A. No, there are no minimum order requirements.

Q. What other services are available with my order besides the equipment?

A. Shipping or delivery / physical setup / breakdown of equipment.

Q. Can you pre-load software on rental systems in advance of delivery?

A. Yes, simply send us the master CD and we will do the rest.

Q. What shipping companies do you use?

A. We ship all of our freight prepaid and insured via FedEx, Airborne or UPS.

Q. How late can you ship an order?

A. Our national account shipping agreements permit us to take orders up to 3:00pm EST and you still get your equipment by 10:00am the next day.

Q. What products do you rent?

A. We rent all major brands. Specific brand availability is subject to dates and locations. 

Q. How does Rentacomputer.com accept payment?

A. American Express, MasterCard and Visa are all accepted. Payment Terms are available upon completion and approval of our Business Application.

Q. What is an FRP?

A. FRP stands for Frequent Rental Point. Points accumulate on every computer rental, notebook rental, projector rental or other technology rental. See your rental quote for the total number of points awarded for each rental.

Tech Army OrganizationFind out what is going on in the Tech Army World.

What are the Top 10 Money Making Missions?

What other companies have joined and what do they do?

How do I join the
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Booking technology rentals to over 1500 cities worldwide.

Wherever you go, you can count on your Tech Travel Agent from Rentacomputer.com to handle all your technology requirements in 1500 Large, Fun, Far Away and Important Cities, Really 1500 Cities worldwide!

Tech Travel Agent Favorite Destinations for Corporate Events

London Plasma Rentals

 - We coordinate temporary laptops, plasmas, copiers and other hires for Conferences, Exhibitions, Training, and Team Building Events.

Jacob Javits Center
Jacob Javitts Convention Center

New York- Plasma Display Rentals for conferences and trade show at Jacob Javits center, copier delivery to downtown Manhattan offices, and laptops to Long Island. We have multiple service options in around New York and New Jersey.

McCormick Place Convention Center PC & AV Rentals
McCormick Place Convention Center 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60616

Chicago- Having PC or AV technology delivered to your conference  or trade show at the McCormick Place Convention Center is easy with a Tech Travel Agent from Rentacomputer.com. Delivery throughout Chicagoland and northeastern Illinois. 

Los Angeles Computer Rental Delivery

Los Angeles - Fast service due to multi vendor locations throughout the north and south metropolitan areas.

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Orlando Computer Rentals
Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819

Orlando is a world-class destination that has so much to do that every member of the group can have fun in their own way.

Las Vegas Convention Equipment Rentals

Las Vegas
Tech Travel Agents schedule delivery of convention equipment rentals right to your trade show booth or anywhere at your Las Vegas convention, meeting or conference!

Wireless San Francisco

San Francisco San Francisco hosts more than 14 million visitors per year. Visitors are attending conventions, conference, trade shows and tourist excursions to the city. San Francisco is one of the worlds premier convention and meeting destinations. Wi-Fi Laptop rental units can be delivered to your hotel, convention or trade show.

Hawaiian Convention Center

Hawaii Convention Center
Where Business and Aloha Meet
1801 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

Hawaii's comfortable year-round climate, averaging 77 degrees, exotic yet with all the ease of doing business in the U.S., absent language and currency barriers, unique cultural programs and activities, outstanding facilities, accommodations and value are all good reasons to have your next meeting in Hawaii.

Ancorage Computer Rentals and AV Equipment

Tech Travel Agents from Rentacomputer.com reserve computer rental and AV technology equipment rentals worldwide via business relationships with professional organizations like Alaska Computer Rentals.

Full Post: Delivery to 1500 Cities Worldwide



Rentacomputer.com Understands the Technology Rental Needs of the SMB Industry

small business technology rentalsIf there is one sector of industry that Rentacomputer.com is committed to helping, it's small businesses. Rentacomputer.com started off as a small business in Ohio and grew to become the leading technology and computer rental company in the country.

Starting as a small business allowed Rentacomputer.com to understand the struggles and the needs of small businesses, especially in terms of technology and computers. That is why Rentacomputer.com works hard with customers that need to rent technology for a small business.

Rentacomputer.com's experienced Tech Travel Agents can apply their expertise in handling any small to medium business technology rental need. In addition to that, they can assist in examining every rental option for your specific industry to make sure you are getting exactly what you need while also handling the acquisition, delivery and installation of all your equipment.

Another great thing about a Tech Travel Agent is that he or she is your one point of contact for your small to medium business technology rental. Your Tech Travel Agent will take care of your order, acquire your technology, arrange delivery, manage setup and installation, offer technical support and even handle the pickup of your equipment, allowing you to stay focused on what you need to focus on.

Rentacomputer.com has been in the industry of technology and computer rentals for over 25 years. In that time Rentacomputer.com has not only been able to understand the needs of small to medium businesses but also the ins and outs of the entire computer and technology rental industry.

With that kind of experience and expertise Rentacomputer.com is able to provide you with the exact technology and service that you need without making things complicated, a hassle or expensive. If you are a small business owner and you need temporary technology, consider renting what you need from a company that has walked in your shoes before and knows what it's like to be a small business on the rise.

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Short-Throw Projector Rentals

Short-Throw Projector RentalShort-throw projectors are perfect for, well, exactly what their name implies, projecting large and clear images from very short distances. This ability allows short-throw projectors to work seamlessly in small, intimate settings like conference rooms or small meeting rooms. However, some short-throw projectors can be expensive and there isn't always a need to have one, which makes a Short-Throw Projector Rental the perfect solution.

A lot of small business meetings take place in areas that do not have a lot of extra space to spare, making it an often cumbersome experience to lug around a big, bulky projector that you more than likely won't even have adequate room for. Most projectors also require a certain amount of space for proper use, which can get in the way of the whole meeting.

This is one of the main reasons people look into a short-throw projector rental for their smaller meetings that are particularly important. However, there are other things you may need with your short-throw projector that Rentacomputer.com can also provide you with.

In addition to your short-throw projector rental, you may also want to get all of your audio-visual needs out of the way too. You can rent a laptop that seamlessly integrates with your projector for top notch presentations or a projector screen that is specifically designed to work with short-throw projectors.

No matter what you need, Rentacomputer.com can give it to you. Rentacomputer.com has a large assortment of audio-visual rentals, computer rentals and projector rentals that are perfect for any situation. With a technology rental from Rentacomputer.com you also get local delivery, installation and pickup, meaning you don't have to worry about the logistics of your rental whatsoever.

So, the next time you are having a small business meeting and you think a projector presentation would be the icing on the cake, consider a short-throw projector rental from Rentacomputer.com. With a company that has over 25 years in the computer and technology rental industry, you know you are going with a trusted name and partner.

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iPad Rentals

iPad rentalsApple's iPad has completely revolutionized the computer and technology industry, much like the iPhone and iPod did before. Since its conception, the iPad has dominated the tablet PC market. The original device was a completely unique product and the iPad 2 only improved upon all the great things the original device provided.

The iPad and iPad 2 are some of them most desired pieces of equipment on the market right now and everybody wants one. While that level of demand is fantastic for Apple, it is frustrating to consumers who typically find it hard to find one sometimes. In addition to demand being a problem for consumers, price is also a problem since iPads are usually too expensive for the average consumer. Prices for the iPad 2 range from $499 to $699 depending on your model.

Even though it may be way out of your price range to buy, you can still get an iPad if you want to by grabbing an iPad Rental from Rentacomputer.com. Rentacomputer.com offers a complete line of iPad and iPad 2 rentals in all varieties, including both black and white models as well as the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB models.

In addition to that, you can rent specific iPads as well. For instance, you can get a 16GB white iPad 2 that has both WiFi and 3G connectivity, a 64 GB black iPad 2 with only WiFi connectivity or any combination of color, GB capacity and connectivity. Whatever you want or need, Rentacomputer.com makes sure you get it.

Also, if you really want an iPad permanently, but you can't afford to shell out all the money at once, you can consider one of Rentacomputer.com's iPad leasing options. Leasing an iPad allows you to purchase the device while paying for it in installments, letting you pay a little off at a time. In addition to being financially easier, a leasing option from Rentacomputer.com may also qualify you for some special tax benefits as well.

So the next time you are sitting on the couch and you see an iPad commercial, you are planning on going on a business trip or you really think one would be the perfect college companion, consider renting one from Rentacomputer.com. Rentacomputer.com has over 25 years in the industry of computer and technology rentals and is also a certified Apple reseller, so you know you are going with a company you can count on.

Computers, Desktops, Laptops, Servers and the latest in Portable Tablet PCs are available from your computer rental company, Rentacomputer.com.

Talk to a Rentacomputer.com Tech Travel Agent Today!
Call Toll free 800-736-8772.


Lighting Equipment Rentals

Lighting Equipment RentalsRentacomputer.com is known primarily for its computer and technology rentals around the country. However, aside from renting technology, Rentacomputer.com also offers everything you would need to set up your very own conference, including Lighting Equipment Rentals.

The right type of lighting is one of the most important aspects to any good video or film production. Rentacomputer.com offers the latest in innovative hardware and lighting equipment rentals for use in film productions like commercials, independent films, television productions, promotional ads, documentaries or any other type of film or photography production.

Rentacomputer.com offers a variety of lighting equipment rentals including basic, standard and advanced lighting systems, lighting sails and even Arri Light Kits. An Arri Light Kit is

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a versatile package that can be configured for most lighting needs. Rentacomputer.com offers the ability to custom configure any lighting equipment rental to your exact specifications so no matter what you need, Rentacomputer.com offers it.

One of the more popular reasons customers seek out lighting equipment rentals from Rentacomputer.com is for corporate events. Corporate events usually call for a variety of lighting types and complicated configurations. Whether you need track lighting, spot lighting or dynamic color lighting, a Tech Travel Agent from Rentacomputer.com can set you up with it all.

Other popular events that Rentacomputer.com caters to for lighting equipment rentals include parties, shows, concerts and even weddings. Whether you are hosting a corporate or private party, putting on a show or concert or just want that special day to be even more beautiful, Rentacomputer.com has the lighting equipment you need.

So the next time you find yourself in need of some lighting equipment, consider a lighting equipment rental from Rentacomputer.com. Rentacomputer.com will send out a local technician to wherever you need your equipment and he or she will then install and test everything to make sure it's all working properly. And when you're done, that same technician will tear everything down and take it off your hands. It's a win-win!

DVD Video Projectors are exactly what they sound like, a combination unit that combines a DVD media player with a video projector, cutting out the need for multiple pieces of electronics and wiring.

Full-Size Laptop Computer Rentals

full-size laptopNotebooks and ultrabooks are the ideal laptop rentals for any traveling businessman. Their sleek designs and lightweight frames make them exceptionally portable and one of the most hassle-free pieces of equipment you can get. However, some business professionals have a need for a temporary laptop with a little more kick, which is why Rentacomputer.com also offers Full-Size Laptop Computer Rentals.

Full-size laptop computer rentals are perfect if you need a highly mobile computer that has more computing power than the smaller netbook or ultrabook laptops that are all the rage these days. Sure it's nice to have that sleek, clean look that is customary with netbooks, but when power is your need,  nothing beats the good ol'  fashioned full-size.

One type of full-size laptop rental that Rentacomputer.com offers are PC Laptop Rentals. Rentacomputer.com has a wide array of PC laptops from all the major brands in the business including Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba and IBM/Lenovo. All of these PC laptops also come with Windows 7 pre-loaded but you can opt for whatever operating system you are most comfortable with, like Vista or even XP.

In addition to PC laptop rentals, Rentacomputer.com also offers full-size Apple Laptop Rentals. You can get a number of different Apple laptops from Rentacomputer.com, whether you need a Macbook or a Macbook Pro. Most of Rentacomputer.com's Apple laptop rentals come with Mac OS X Snow Leopard pre-installed but it isn't a problem if you prefer to use Mac OS X Lion, the newest iteration of Apple's operating system.

Rentacomputer.com also ensures the integrity of your data when you get a full-size laptop rental. Rentacomputer.com can have your rental delivered directly to your hotel room, convention center or business location easily and can also have your company's own software pre-loaded on your device when it arrives.

So the next time you find yourself looking for a temporary laptop with a little meat on its bones, consider a full-size laptop rental from Rentacomputer.com. With over 25 years in the business of  nationwide computer and technology rentals, you know you are going with a name you can trust when you choose Rentacomputer.com.