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How Can Playing Games At Work Can Make You Money?

Let's be honest. We've all been sitting in our office or at our desk trudging along through a bad work day, so we decide to play a game to get our minds off of it, or just to kill time. Maybe you want that new high score on Fruit Ninja. Maybe you want to beat your friend on Trivia CrackBelieve it or not, these games are giving way to a new trend to keep customers involved at trade shows.


Gamification And You

That might sound a bit far-fetched, but the same exact way we play games is being used today to make trade shows and business events more interactive. Finally!

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how can playing games at your event $



Entrepreneurial Conferences You Could Benefit From

One of the best things you can do to help yourself grow, and also help your business grow, is to actively attend in-person networking events as often as possible. If you are an entrepreneur, conferences are an incredible way to keep up with new developments in your industry, finding out about beneficial new services, networking with other business owners, and even meeting potential new clients for yourself. You never know who you will meet or what the outcome could be!

Going to every conference ever can be really pricey considering the cost of flights these days. There are some conferences that certainly should not be overlooked though, so here are a few that you should strongly consider checking out!


FailCon is a really unique one-day conference for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, or anyone involved in the world of technology.

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Everyone knows everyone's success stories, but no one ever hears about their previous failures and what it took to get there. FailCon is not only great for networking and everything else that a conference should be great for, but it really focuses on putting everything out there on the table. By studying everyone's failures, you can prepare yourself for success. Nothing can teach you how to win like learning how to fail, or how not to.

South By Southwest Interactive

South By Southwest has kind of lost touch with it's roots. It definitely isn't what it used to be, and some view it as more of an excuse to go on vacation and have fun while pretending to still be productive. But honestly, everyone goes, and it's still a fantastic place for networking. Honestly, because of its draw, it may be THE best place for networking and talking to potential clients. That's what this one is all about.

Society of Digital Agencies Global Member Meeting

Society of Digital Agencies Global Member Meeting is an invite only event where SoDA members can gather and network. The company itself basically represents the top companies and gives everyone an opportunity to unite and share their knowledge. This is great because everyone wins in the end. By collaborating in the business world, you will be able to expand your business to places that you never thought to be possible.

Digital Life Design conference

The Digital Life Design conference is actually right around the corner. It starts on May 1st in New York City. The conference brings industry leaders, startups and creative minds from all over the world together for one event. This year is extra special because it will be the first year that it will be in the United States. It is one of Europe's leading conferences, and we finally get to experience it right here in America. This is one that you for sure will want to attend.

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Kiosk Rentals

internet kioskAre you planning on exhibiting at an upcoming conference, convention or trade show? If so, then you may want or need a kiosk. A kiosk is a device that allows a passerby or customer of your booth to serve themselves if you are busy or away from your booth.

However, not many people own kiosks and nobody wants to travel with one. That is why Rentacomputer.com offers kiosk rentals. A kiosk rental is a highly recommended item for something like a conference, convention or trade show, places where the need for self-service technology is necessary but temporary at the same time.

Kiosk rentals are easy to acquire. All you have to do is call your Tech Travel Agent or visit Rentacomputer.com to get an instant quote. After that, your Tech Travel Agent will help set up everything required for your next kiosk rental such as logistics of delivery and installation of your kiosk at your trade show booth.

A local installer will deliver, set up and test your kiosk rental in order to ensure that everything is working as it should. When you're finished, the same installer will break down and take your kiosk rental off your hands, leaving the only thing for you to do is use it.

There are many uses for a kiosk renal, the most popular of which include:

So the next time you are exhibiting at a convention, conference or trade show and you think a kiosk rental would come in handy, head on over to Rentacomputer.com where you will find everything you could possibly need to make your next conference, convention or trade show the best and easiest of them all.

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IBM’s Impact 2011*

Computer, technology and IT consulting super giant IBM will be hosting their annual conference for business and IT leaders, Impact 2011, in August 2011. That is right, one of the biggest technological conferences of the entire year will be making its way back to the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada in hopes of bringing together computer, technology and IT professionals from all over the world so they can swap ideas, learn insider tricks and increase their overall knowledge and business. However, before you pack your bags and head off to Vegas, you should probably get the lowdown on everything that will be happening.

Over 6000 customers and business partners of IBM will be coming together in August in hopes of resetting the pace for innovation. Visitors to Impact 2011 will be among the very first to get the hottest information on new technologies from IBM's technical and business experts as well as professional analysts and other companies that may very well be just like your own. IBM's annual conference on SOA and WebSphere offers business professionals technical education about SOA as well as IBM thought leadership for LOBs, CIOs and even practical applications for users.

Visitors will get more value out of this one conference because it brings together technical sessions that span the entire WebSphere Portfolio including WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere ESB, WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Business Modeler to CICS. However, knowing what is going to be at the conference is only half of the information you need. If you are planning on attending Impact 2011, you will also need to know what other kinds of people will be attending.

Expected to be at Impact 2011 are organizations that are at all levels in their SOA journey. Impact 2011 will see businesses working on their very first

SOA project to businesses on the cutting edge of SOA. This conference particularly pertains to anybody who is a Line of Business Manager, Executive, business-minded IT leader, hands-on technical practitioner or IBM business partner who specializes in SOA. If any of those aforementioned titles pertains to you even in the slightest, then Impact 2011 is the conference you have to attend.

Impact 2011 will have special information on SOA that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else from so many professionals you

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can't find anywhere else. Impact 2011 is a hands-on conference that gives you the ability to get certified in order to help you stay on top of your game. Impact 2011 will be taking place from April 10, 2011 until April 15, 2011 in Las Vegas. A two day pass will run you $950, on-site registration will cost you $2,250 and is only available on April 9. Standard registration will run you $2,150 and lasts from February 19, 2011 until April 8, 2011 and the early bird special will cost you $1,895 and lasts until February 18, 2011.

*Rentacomputer.com is not affiliated with nor in any way authorized by the Las Vegas Convention Center or

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the IBM Impact 2011 conference. Rentacomputer.com is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this page in no way implies exclusivity of our services at the Las Vegas Convention Center or the IBM Impact 2011 show.

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