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What to Look Forward To at E3

Road to E3E3, otherwise known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is just around the corner and you can almost smell the sweaty nerds already. Gamers and tech journalists from around the world will be flocking to the Los Angeles Convention Center to grab all the latest information on everything gaming and technology related.

This year's E3 has a lot of hype surrounding it as a lot of people are expecting some kind of announcement about new consoles as well as a ton of exclusives on all the big name games coming out in the next year. So, what exactly should you expect from all the top names in the business this year? Quite a lot, actually.

Nintendo. Nintendo is all set to unleash their new console to the gaming masses. Now when I say unleash, I mean that they will show it off; you won't actually be able to buy one. Codenamed Project Cafe, this new console from Nintendo will finally be unveiled at E3 so we will finally get to know what it is called, what it will look like and what kind of hardware it will be packing.

One thing that Nintendo has noted is that they will not be tossing their hat into the 3D ring, and thank God for that. To be honest, I'm a little done with this whole 3D craze that everybody has been caught up in. Nintendo has promised a playable version of the new console for E3 and a lot of people are expecting it to be tied into the 3DS somehow.

Sony. Sony will have a very hard time at this year's E3 thanks to the recent Play Station Network debacle. Sony's main focus at E3 will be gaining forgiveness from the PS3 community while trying to hype up their Next Generation Portable, also

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known as the NGP. Sony has slowly released a few videos of the NGP leading up to E3 and has also been giving secret hands-on demos to select people around the world.

The videos show off the NGP's dual touch screens (a touchscreen on the front and a touchpad on the back) in use with the latest Uncharted game. Sony also showed a little bit of the link up capabilities between the NGP and the PS3. E3 will undoubtedly have a lot more to offer with regard to the NGP.

Microsoft. Surprisingly enough, Microsoft has been rather quiet in the months leading up to E3. Nobody can really get a grip on what Microsoft will be unveiling at E3 this year. Some people are speculating about a new console but if there is anything about that, then it won't be more than a mention of "one in development".

What you can probably expect is a whole lot of new titles for the Kinect, Microsoft's full-body motion sensing controller. A lot of people have been disappointed with the lack of hardcore games for the Kinect, so a lot of people are hoping to see some hardcore Kinect titles announced for the system.

As far as games go, expect to hear a lot about Gears of War 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, BioShock: Infinite, Mass Effect 3 and Rage, just to name a few. Regardless of what console you tend to favor or what style of game you prefer, this year's E3 will have everything you could possibly want and more.

What it the biggest thing you are looking forward too from E3? Let us

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know in the comments section below. Mine is an official release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic. C'mon guys, you've toyed with me long enough...

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