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Danny Fey is the MacBook Pro

Danny Fey is the MacBook Rental Pro. See why he calls the MacBook Pro the Mobile Warrier of technology. MacBook Pros are availabe for rent in the following sizes - 13", 17" and 15".

To inquire about renting a MacBook Pro, contact a Tech Travel Agent from Rentacomputer.com at 800-736-8772 or email rentals@rentacomputer.com. Website:www.Rentacomputer.com.

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CES 2012 iLounge Pavilion Already Sold Out

CES iLounge PavilionI know CES 2011 just ended, but that is what makes this news even more spectacular. The iLounge Pavilion for CES 2012, which is sponsored by iLounge.com, has already sold out a mere month after CES 2011. The 2012 International CES iLounge Pavilion sold out less than two hours into CES 2011. The Pavilion itself features 50,000 square feet of exhibit space and will showcase a record-setting array of accessories as well as software for Apple's iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac platforms.

According to Karen Chupka, Senior Vice President of Events and Conferences for CEA, "The iLounge Pavilion is experiencing unparalleled success and has undoubtedly established itself as the center of the "i" Universe. Exhibitors made their intentions loud and clear in purchasing more iLounge space in two hours of space selection than ever before. It's evident that there is strong industry demand for a showcase of these popular products at the international CES, and space for the iLounge Pavilion will increase as a result."

The 2011 iLounge Pavilion featured over 200 exhibitors over 50,000 square feet and saw the launch of thousands of new products like Griffin's CarTrip and Crayola Stylus application-aided accessories, Morphie's iPad charging and mounting accessory PowerStand and the app-controlled Sphero robotic ball from Orbotix. The iLounge Pavilion had everything from fashion cases, speakers and earphones to games and apps. It was these things that helped establish the iLounge Pavilion as one of the world's leading destinations for new i-related products.

In a statement from CEO of KIOKY Michael Shumski, "Our CES experience was amazing. We couldn't have dreamt of a better place to release our new product, and I do not mean just CES, I mean the iLounge Pavilion. We were swarmed with American distributors but took the company global the day we launched! Look for us there next year because we made sure to reserve our space again."

At CES 2012 new products for the Apple iPad will join products for the iPhone, iPod and other Mac products in the Pavilion which provides retailers, vendors and over 5,000 visitors unrivaled opportunity to preview everything the coming year has to offer in the way of exciting new i-related technologies in a single, centralized location.

"CES is the Super Bowl of electronics trade shows, and nothing else really matters," said Mike Szymczak, co-founder of OrigAudio. "We are happy to be presenting our latest and greatest products on a stage such as CES in the iLounge Pavilion." The 2012 iLounge Pavilion should be one thing anybody going to CES 2012 should try to get into but that doesn't seem too likely now. CES 2012 will take place January 10th through January 13th,

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2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: CES - 2012 CES iLounge Pavilion Sells Out in Record Time: Additional Space Added to Meet Demand

File Server rentals are ideal if your company needs an extra storage unit for company information while you are testing various types of storage solutions.

Whether you need a short-term rental or a long-term lease, we have the right kind of server for your needs.


Tech Resolutions for the New Year

New Year's Tech ResolutionsEverybody makes New Year's Resolutions. Whether it be dieting, working out more or spending more time with the family, everybody makes resolutions. But, have you ever made a New Year's tech resolution? A tech resolution is more practical and will definitely be helpful for anybody who regularly works with a computer.

1. Safety First

Mac and Windows OS both have automatic updating. This allows your security patches and other OS components to remain current. Many of your installed productivity applications have this feature as well. Use the software update under the Apple menu or the Windows Update application for Windows 7.

2. Check the Basics

A lot of people go to great lengths in order to hide cables and cords that run from their different technological devices. While it may make your setup look nice, the fact of the matter is that all of these cables will go bad if they are stuck at a 90° angle or crushed under a piece of furniture. So make sure your cables are all working on par.

3. Firewalls and Security

A comprehensive security strategy is a good thing to have in addition to an updated OS. This includes having a good firewall as well as several anti-malware and anti-virus utilities. Having a few different security measures is always a good idea. You will also want a system that scans incoming email due to the fact that most viruses come through email.

4. Don't Overheat

Computers and equipment have this crazy tendency to generate heat. That is why it is important to keep a steady stream of airflow going over, under and around your equipment. Overheating can occur fast if you let layers of dust build up on your machines. A blast of canned air once a month can work wonders with all of your devices.

5. Have a Backup

System storage nowadays is extremely cheap which makes it easy for you to create backups of all your system components, work documents, program files etc... The internal hard drive of your PC is most likely your primary drive. However, if you have online or external storage then you need to back up those devices.

Making a few, simple tech resolutions for the new year could work wonders on your technological devices. You always want the best equipment and you always want your equipment to be running as efficiently as possible so do what it takes to make it so.

Source: CRE

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