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Audio Visual Equipment: The Basics

Audio Visual Meeting EquipmentTechnology is making huge waves in the business world. With business people striving harder and harder every day to come up with the most high-tech presentations and meetings in order to get their point across, it is no wonder technology is in such high demand. While people may know what each piece of their equipment is for, they may not know where it plugs in or how to operate it or even if it is working correctly. Knowing the basics of your audio visual equipment could be the difference in making your presentation a huge success or a flop.

After you have made your presentation, tested your soundtrack, practiced your slideshow and are ready to go, what do you do next? Well that's simple, get a projector and get a screen because it is almost time to give your presentation. Multimedia projectors have come a long way in recent years. Almost all models have the necessary hookups for connecting any kind of device that has a video output. Connect anything from a high-end laptop to even a VCR and you are almost ready to go. The next thing you need to focus on is sound.

Your presentation will most likely use an audio track from a C.D. or MP3 which simplifies things. But that is not the only thing involved in making sure you have the right audio. The next step is asking yourself how big is the room? If you are making a small presentation to a group of 6 to 8 people then the built-in speakers on your projector should do the job with no problem. If your group is larger and in a larger room, however, then you will need to consider different ways of amplifying the sound in order for everybody in the room to hear clearly.

Projectors today have a plethora of audio output options from basic RCA connectors and 1/8-inch mini-jacks to S/PDIF digital on your more high-end devices. Many people tend to connect an amplifier to the right projector outlet and then connect speakers to the amplifier. But that is a little complicated and takes a lot more time. You also have to spend more money on equipment that you do not need. Thankfully, there are much simpler solutions in today's increasingly technological world.

Manufacturers have created a new product by building small amplifiers into speaker cabinets. This is extremely useful for people in any field that requires amplified sound and, especially, business people who frequently hold meetings or presentations. These units, known as amplified monitors, can attach via anything from old-fashioned speaker wire to 1/4-inch jacks. Plus, if you do have a problem, there are plenty of adapters around.  Just do a little research and you will have no problem.

If you do have a problem, Rentacomputer.com is there to help. They have a full line of Audio Visual Rentals that are delivered by a local technician who will set up, install and test everything to ensure that it is working properly.

A Copier Rental is a quick way to mass produce important documents for potential customers at an event or conference. Renting office equipment is simple and easy and it can also save you loads of time and money. Rentacomputer.com has been offering copier rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.

Audio Equipment Rentals for a Perfect Production

Audio Equipment Rentals for a Perfect ProductionIf you're shooting a video or any other kind of production, you know how important sound is. But getting that crisp, clear audio track can be expensive when you think about all the equipment you might need. But what if you could do it at just a fraction of the cost? With audio equipment rentals, you can get just about any audio equipment you need for as long or as little you need, without having to spend thousands of dollars on new equipment. At Rentacomputer.com, we can have your audio equipment to any location when you need it. Whether you're shoot a documentary or a wedding video, we can provide you with brands such as Sony, Shure, Audio Technica, Marshall Samson, Earthworks, Electro-Voice, Sennheiser, Azden, and more.

So what kind of audio equipment is available for rent? Below is a sample. Click on any one to get a fast quote on audio equipment rentals:

Sennheiser ME64 Microphone Rental: Great for tight spaces, this microphone is excellent for minimizing echoes and rejecting

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feedback and background noises. Great for pass around interviews.

Sennheiser EW100 G2 Wireless Rental: This is a great recording system that works in many different situations. The bodypack transmitter is very small and easy to hide, and the ME clip is almost invisible when clipped onto someone's clothing. The transmitter has a battery life of eight hours, while the receiver has a battery life of 4-6 hours.

Shotgun Microphone Rental: This closed microphone has a richer, fuller, more pleasing sound than most closed mics. The Shotgun microphone will pick up voices of actors, as well as the background ambient noise, giving a more warm and spatial sounding track.

Audio Mixers and Sound Adapters: Sound boards, sound mixers, and audio mixers are some of the most common audio equipment used in the media production industry. You can use them to change the dynamics of audio signals to fit your needs.

Other Miscellaneous Audio Equipment: XLR Audio Cables from 5 to 40 feet, headphone extensions, speakers, compact flash drives, attenuators, confidence cables, microphone power supplies, boom poles, headphones, microphone stands, shockmounts, and pistol grips - you name it, Reantcomputer.com can rent it. Just call us at 800-763-8772 today!