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Computer Leasing Options from Rentacomputer.com

computer leaseRenting technology has its benefits, especially if you need something for a short period of time. But what if you need something for longer? What do you do if you need something for a year or two but you don't want to throw down on a permanent purchase? You lease, that's what and Rentacomputer.com is here to help.

Rentacomputer.com has leasing opportunities that are flexible and longer than rental periods. With Rentacomputer.com you can lease an item anywhere from 1 to 5 years depending on your needs and then just send it back whenever you are finished. In addition to being flexible, there are also some other good reasons to lease.

One reason is that it preserves bank credit lines. Leasing is an opportunity to preserve your credit lines and eliminate credit worries and hassles. Even though establishing credit in today's economic times is uncertain, leasing is still an option. Leasing is more convenient and efficient and you are only charged for what you use.

In addition to preserving credit, leasing can also be cheaper, at least immediately. Many leasing options from Rentacompter.com offer little or no down payment, allowing you to receive your equipment without any worries about coming up with the money on the spot and draining a huge portion of your income.

Leasing technology, like leasing a car, allows you to also have all the latest gear. By leasing you are guaranteed to have all the newest software and hardware at your disposal and the Tech Travel Agent you lease from can also make all the right recommendations based on your individual requirements.

Rentacomputer.com also has a wide array of leasing products. With Rentacomputer.com you can get everything including a computer lease, audio/visual lease, office equipment lease, server lease or anything else you could possibly need.

So the next time a big technological need is knocking at your door, why not try leasing what you need from Rentacomputer.com? By doing so you are ensured to have all the latest technology as well as an experience that will surely not disappoint.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Lease a Computer

7 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Computer

Leasing a computer or audio-visual equipment is a great idea but why?  Here are seven more reasons why you should consider leasing instead of buying.

1. Preserve Your Credit Lines: Leasing helps you eliminate the hassle and worry opening a new line of credit.  Instead of relying on credit to make a purchase, you can lease and pay only for what you use.  Also, companies who lease tend to me more flexible than those who offer you credit.

2.  Advantages in Technology: When you buy technology, you're stuck with it.  Just because a new technology becomes available, doesn't mean you can run back to the store for an update.  When you lease, you'll always have the latest, state-of-the art equipment such as laptops, desktops, copiers, flat screens displays, file servers, projectors, software and more,  depending on what fits your needs.  Also, companies such as Rentacomputer.com have Tech Travel Agents who are experienced with the equipment they are leasing and who can handle everything from delivery to set-up and maintenance. 

3.  Little or No Down Payment: Most of the time, when leasing equipment, a down payment is not required.

4.  Preserve Your Capital Budget:  Due to the lack of initial capital expenditure, your working capital will not suffer.  Also, your lease payments will be less than they would have been had you purchased.  

5.  Potential Tax Savings:  Computer leasing may even lead to tax deductions.  To see if your company qualifies, check with your accountant. 

6.  Financial Options: Leasing equipment presents you with a number of options.  These include lease purchases, fair market value buy-outs, and structured payments designed specifically for your company.  

7.  Flexible Terms:  Leasing is great for when you need equipment for a longer period of time.  Whether it's one year or five years, terms are flexible and will fit whatever needs your company has.