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How A Plasma Rental Can Liven Up Your Trade Show Booth

Plasma and LCD RentalsTrade shows and Conventions are usually jam packed with tons of different companies and businesses, all with booths set up to help market their product to an eager crowd of attendees. However, with so many different booths the competition can be stiff and you have to have something that the other guy doesn't to really draw in the crowds. This is where a Plasma TV Rental from Rentacomputer.com can help make a big impact.

One of the most popular things Rentacomputer.com delivers to trade show and convention booths is a Plasma TV Rental. Some companies like to have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look fantastic on a nice, bright plasma TV. What you are trying to convey to the audience is big, bright and right in their face so it's hard to miss.

When looking into a plasma rental for your convention booth, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is whether you want a plasma screen or an LCD screen. The main difference here is that LCD screens can suffer from motion blur in models that run below 120Hz. Remember, you want people to see what you are trying to sell them, not a blurry image reminiscent of a Picasso.

In addition to that, plasma displays can display blacks more accurately but may also suffer from "burned in" images. In most cases, going with a plasma is better if you want a screen size of 50" or larger.  If something smaller and more intimate is what you are looking for then an LCD is the perfect match. The main thing you have to consider is what you are planning on using the screens for.

After you decide what type of display you want, it's time to determine the quality. The whole 720p vs. 1080p issue is becoming less prevalent due to the fact that most displays these days are pushing for 1080p. 1080p displays are definitely brighter, clearer and crisper than 720p ones, though at screen sizes under 40" you can't really tell the difference. Like I said earlier, know what you want to display and how big you want it.

If you really want a show stopper and something that is really going to make your booth stand out among the mundane, then I suggest going with a full scale Video Wall Rental. Video Wall Rentals consist of multiple plasma or LCD displays that are fixed in certain patterns (4 x 4, 4 x 6, 3 x 2). This allows you to have a literal wall of displays, which will guarantee that people notice your booth no matter where they are on the show floor.

Regardless of what you need to display, how many things you want to show or how flashy you want your trade show booth to be, a Plasma TV Rental from Rentacomputer.com is sure to make an impact. With local delivery, installation and removal as well as full customer support from a company that has been in the technology rental business for over 20 years, you know that Rentacomputer.com is a company you can depend on.

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5 Reasons to Rent a Computer in Florida

10 Reasons to Rent a Computer in FloridaThe Sunshine State.  It's known for beautiful weather and beautiful beaches, but it's also one of the most popular states for computer and other technology rentals.   Why?  Here's a look at five ways people are taking advantage of Florida Computer Rentals.

1.  Daisy Solomon of Naples  is the campaign manager for a Florida congressional candidate.   She's been working on political campaigns for almost a decade now and knows the importance of technology rentals for political campaigns.  Whether it's a public address system or plasma TV, Solomon knows it's cheaper to rent the equipment for such a short period of time versus buying it.  She also knows it saves her staff time because a rental can be delivered to whatever location their candidate will be visiting, and they don't have to worry about setting it up or taking it down once the event is over.

2.  Lilly Cameron of  Fort Lauderdale works in human resources for a large national company.  When the company hires new people, Cameron is in charge of providing the new hires with their initial training and teaching them about what is expected of them at the company.  Each month she may hold a week-long class for anywhere from two to thirty-two people.  A lot of the necessary training  requires internet access and Cameron, being one to keep up with the latest technology, has started using iPad rentals for training classes. She has found that using the iPad instead of a regular computer is great because new employees often have to move around the training room for various exercises and with the iPad they can simply take their computers with them.

3. When Jack Thornton graduated from the University of Florida, he knew he wanted to work outdoors.  He'd worked his way through high school and college by mowing lawns and decided to turn his talents into a lawn care business.  He started his own business and operated it out of his own home in Gainesville.  As a young man with student loans and very little savings, he knew he needed office equipment but he also knew he'd never be able to afford it on his own.  Instead of running out and buying a new copier and computer, he visited Rentacomputer.com and was able to get great deals on office equipment rentals.

4.  Gabrielle Nunez of Jacksonville is always on the go.  She's a pharmaceutical sales representative and is constantly visiting hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and clinics all over the Sunshine State, meeting with doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals.  Fortunately for Nunez, she can rent a projector and have it delivered to her meeting location.   Nunez says she doesn't have time to take a projector to every meeting, set it up, and take it down once the meeting is over.  The people at Rentacomputer.com do that for her.  All she has to do is show up with her presentation, and the rest has already been handled.

5.  Felix Pacheco of Kissimmee likes to find new customers for his kitchen and bath remodeling company at trade shows.   His central location in Florida affords him to take advantage of business from all over the state.  When various home shows hit the state's big convention centers like the Orange County Convention Center or the Tampa Convention Center, you can bet Pacheco will have an exhibit there.  You can also bet that he will be using trade show technology rentals.  Pacheco knows how professional and appealing a big screen plasma TV rental can make his booth appear.  He also knows that having laptop rentals at his booth allows customers to visit his website and sign up to learn more about his company while it's fresh on their minds.