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Everything You Need To Know About Laptop Rentals And Rates

Getting a short-term, business-to-business laptop rental can be a really great deal if you find yourself in need of a temporary solution. Renting a laptop may seem like an odd concept but I assure you that it is not without its merits. Laptop rentals are wildly popular with business professionals that are attending, presenting at or setting up a booth at an event or are traveling for an important business meeting or conference. Laptop rentals allow you to have all the benefits of a top-of-the-line laptop without having to buy one!

Laptop Rentals are lightweight, portable, sleek, and powerful which makes them perfect for a wide array of situations, like training classes, projects or presentations. Some people rent a single laptop for use during a business presentation whereas others rent 1,000 laptops for large training seminars or classes. I've even seen people rent a laptop to assist with tax season when an extra laptop can come in real handy.

Any laptop rental you need can be customized to your exact specifications. Rentacomputer.com offers laptops with various amounts of processing power depending on your needs. If you need a quick and robust processor, then an Intel Core i7 processor will do the trick. If you only need to run a light and simple application then you may only need Core 2 Duo or Core i3 processor. If you're not sure what you need then one of Rentacomputer's Tech Travel Agents can help you decide which processor is right for your needs!

Your laptop rental can also come with a variety of memory capacities as well. If you need a lot of processing power then you may need a laptop with 8GB of RAM or more. The more RAM the laptop has the faster it will perform. However, if you are only using your laptop for simple tasks, like word processing, then a 2GB or 4GB rental should do you just fine.

But how much does a laptop rental cost? Well, that depends entirely on what you need. A traditional laptop rental from Rentacomputer.com typically costs $99 per day. However, there are a lot of different factors that can determine what your final cost is actually going to be. One factor is the type of laptop you need. A standard Windows Laptop Rental is usually $99. A MacBook Pro Rental is a bit more expensive at $175 and a high-end MacBook Air Rental will run you $220. But that's not all. There are 6 main factors that determine your laptop rental price: Lead Time, Specifications, Length of Time, Quantity Needed, Delivery Location, and Availability (learn more about that here).

If you are in need of a temporary laptop, whether it be for a convention, trade show, event, conference, meeting, training session or a temporary replacement for your personal laptop then a laptop rental is a pretty smart bet! Rentacomputer.com offers local delivery and installation anywhere in the United States and their professional Tech Travel Agents will work with you every step of the way to ensure that what you're getting is exactly what you want and need!


Start Screen Unlimited Allows Users To Add More Customization To Windows 8 Start Screen

When Microsoft first released the new Windows 8 operating system consumers had mixed feelings, to say the least. The operating system was clearly designed with touch-screen devices in mind, which was great if it was actually used on a touch screen. Users still using traditional PCs and laptops found the interface unresponsive and hard to navigate, primarily due to the new and "improved" home screen.

The new home screen for Windows 8 was littered with tiles that offered you quick access to different things. The Windows 8.1 tile screen had things for apps and even links to sign out, switch users or lock windows. You were allowed customization options for the appearance of the Start screen but not much else and you certainly couldn't add features of functionality.

Start Screen Unlimited, however, aims to change all that. Start Screen Unlimited is a program for Windows 8 that allows you to add things to the Start screen. Some of the changes you can make include adding the date and time, a link to the Windows control panel and additional power options. In addition to that, you can also add a Google search bar directly to the start page as well.

After installing the program you will notice a tool bar in the upper right hand of the Start screen. Pressing the infinity logo allows you to move the toolbar anywhere you want on the screen with power options including hibernation, sleep, reboot and power off. In addition to that, the configuration options also provide you a link to the control panel as well as allow you to close the toolbar. Finally, the "i" button allows you to send user feedback, buy the deluxe edition or check for updates.

For A Windows 8 Rental For Your  Next Event Call 800-736-8772

The addition of the Google search bar is nice as it allows you to search for things directly from the Start screen, though a physical keyboard is required.If you use the official Google search app for Windows then a touch keyboard is automatically brought up, which is a better option for touchscreen users.

There are currently two versions of this program for Windows 8, the Lite version and the Deluxe version with the Lite version being free. Ponying up some money for the Deluxe version will allow users to use the program for commercial use while also adding more customization options for your menu.

If you hate Windows 8 then this program probably won't appeal to you, though users who are moderately happy with the operating system or are simply looking for more ways to customize their Windows 8 Start Screen will find many uses for this program. Determining whether or not you need the Lite or Deluxe versions completely depends on how much customization you want or need for your personal preferences.